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Investing in a Brighter Future.
Technology Has Always Brought Us the Biggest Advancements in Society
Today, This is the Era of Software.
The majority of innovation in the next decades will happen through advancements in software.
Our Mission at Zemantics Ventures Is to Invest In
People Building Innovative Software Companies.
We Invest in Digital Transformation
Exploring New Horizons
Through Digital Technology
Modern Build Modern Build Modern Build Modern Build Modern Build
“Disrupting the old industries and helping them to transition into a digital future.”
We invest in companies
Building Software
Tools & Frameworks
As more and more things are dependent on software, people need better tools and frameworks to design, build and test those applications.
WeHeart Iconand support Open Source

We invest in software start-ups
The Ones Building a
Brighter Future
We invest in the greater good
Removing Barriers
Through Software
Portfolio Companies
Software Developers
Digital Transformation
A World Leader
In Digital Innovation
Software Startup
Digital Marketing
Campaigns Made Easy
Software Developer
Software Tools
Helping Developers
Write Better Software
Medical Application
Software Startup
Saving Lives with Reliable
Software Technology
Software Developers
Open Source Software
A Unified Multi-Platform
Engineering Framework
Computer and Smartphone
Software Tools
Delivering Fast, Reliable
and Secure Notifications
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